Alpha Lipoic Acid
Alpha Lipoic Acid
Alpha Lipoic Acid

Alpha Lipoic Acid

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Natureganics Alpha Lipoic Acid - Pure Naturally Occurring Universal Vitamin Antioxidant, 500mg, Helps Maintain Healthy Blood Sugar Levels. USA Made, Guaranteed!!

Alpha Lipoic Acid by Natureganics is a unique ingredient in the fact that it has two functions and a wide variety of benefits.

1. It is an essential substance that is necessary for another substance to be able to achieve a specific result.  In other words, it holds the key to unlocking many of the benefits your body loves as it partners with other enzymes in your body.

2. In larger doses, greater than what your body can produce, it is also a great antioxidant. It has the unique ability to deactivate both fat and water soluble free radicals that often build up under the skin. This means that it aid in removing toxins from your body and improves your overall health.

Benefits of Alpha Lipoic Acid:

  • Improves Your Physique
  • Fights Free Radicals
  • Slows Aging
  • Protects Against Cancer and Heart Disease
  • Protects Genetic Material
  • Regulates Blood Sugar in Diabetics
  • Protects the Liver
  • Improves Skin
  • Helps Erase Wrinkles